We let life insurance companies compete for your business so you can find the very lowest rate! 

All policies provide a guaranteed level premium and death benefit that will not change.

We update our quote engine daily to be sure and offer you the lowest quotes available. 

Please call us at 1-800-657-7178 for any questions we can help with. 

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Whole Life Insurance 

                                          $5,000 to $50,000

       Whole Life Insurance is life insurance you keep your whole life.

 People buy whole life insurance because whole life insurance has no waiting period, your premiums never increase, and your coverage never expires.
It's called whole life insurance because it's life insurance you keep for your whole life.Whole life insurance is also referred to as final expense insurance or burial insurance.
 It's easy, quick, and the most affordable small policy you can buy!
All you have to do to get a policy, is answer a few heath questions.

No Waiting Period - No Rate Increases - No Exam Required!

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For questions call 1-800 657 7178.

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Whole Life Insurance is permanent life insurance, term life insurance is temporary.

Some companies say your life insurance is good for the life of the policy, which leads many to believe it's good for their whole life, but it's not. Some policies start out with lower premiums like the term policies offered by Globe Life and AARP, but increase your premiums as you get older and expire at age 80 or 90. Whole life insurance policies do not increase premiums and do not expire. If you are offered a lower rate than you see here, call us at 800 657 7178 and we will let you know what type of policy it is. If the rate is lower than these, it's not whole life insurance.
Also Whole Life Insurance does not have a two year waiting period  like the guaranteed issue policies offered by Colonial Penn, Met Life, AARP, and others do. For people with poor health, guaranteed issue policies are good, but if your health is good they're not due to the 2 year waiting period and cost. 

For questions call 1-800-657-7178

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

If you've had trouble getting a life insurance policy, your wait is over!

We can issue $5,000 to $25,000 of guaranteed issue life insurance for anyone who wants it ages 50 to 80 years old. And even though there is a 2 year waiting period, if it's all you can get, it's much better than nothing.

There are no health questions to answer for guaranteed issue life insurance and everyone is accepted. You cannot be turned down, and the rates are up to 30% less than other companies guaranteed issue life insurance policies.

Even if you've been turned down in the past, you can still get a guaranteed issue life insurance policy. These policies are priced to provide coverage for everyone. If you have major health problems it won't be a problem.

Call 1 800 657 7178 for a personal quote.


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